Helping multi-passionates grow & prosper in business

At Thrive Creative Coaching, we equip and empower entrepreneurs and creative professionals to grow thriving, profitable and enjoyable businesses and teams.

We offer the support, structure and accountability needed for creative, mission-driven, non-traditional and multi-passionate entrepreneurs and professionals to get clear, focused and follow through with confidence.


How it works:

Step 1: Choose a package

Start and GROW a thriving business

LEAD and manage a thriving team

Learn the skills to thrive ONLINE

Step 2: Schedule a time to chat.
Ask anything you like and and we can determine if we’re a good fit.

Step 3: Take Action

In about an hour each week, we work together online or in-person in Toronto to:

Get clear on your vision, purpose and products

Improve communication and management skills

Transform your ideas into a a viable business

Uncover limiting beliefs and boost your confidence

Get confident in authentic marketing and sales

Improve habits and work performance

Learn business skills, systems and procedures

Stay accountable and on course

Step 4: You receive real time human support, encouragement, mentorship and connection in carrying out your vision and execution.


Some of the fabulous, creative visionaries we’ve worked with:

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