Who we are

Thrive Creative Coaching is headed up by Rachel Schwab, currently a multi-passionate creative, accredited coach and communications specialist (past roles include PR agency owner, fashion publisher and hospitality manager).

From hearing the struggles from so many entrepreneurs and small business owners, all of who are trying to figure out how to run and build businesses on their own, she decided to create a new agency.

Merging two decades of communications, PR, community development, business strategy and digital marketing expertise, with a professional leadership coaching accreditation, Thrive Creative Coaching is committed to ensuring entrepreneurs and creative professionals are supported, encouraged, challenged and confident in their vision and execution.

We understand creatives

We completely understand the challenges that creative people face, in business and in life.

First, there are multiple passions, interests and ideas. There is a struggle in staying focused and consistent; of maintaining inspiration and solid work habits. You likely desire noncomformity; freedom. And most important, there’s the need to feel aligned, to live in integrity and work with purpose.


If you're prepared to do the work, we're commited to help you reach your potential

Coaching is incredibly empowering, but it’s also work. It’s a commitment you make to yourself to succeed.

Coaching is also a very supportive and effective way to get clear on what you want, and what you need to do to succeed. It offers a consistent, structured system of forward progress and accountability.

Yes, success is possible and yes, you can do it

It will take action. Consistent action, self-reflection and outside support. Our work together involves business planning, and it also involves taking a close look limiting beliefs and uncovering subconscious barriers that are holding you back. 


There are people less talented than you, making money in their creative businesses simply because they decided to go for it.

What are you waiting for?

The best way to choose a coach is through a conversation. Get in touch to schedule a call today: info@thrivecreativecoaching.com.